Karter Mono

Karter Mono

Leave a wide range of luggage to us

Body size:L:1,200×W:880×H:640mm
Transport weight: 1,500kg
Lifting stroke: 30mm
It can transport a wide range of luggage such as basket trolleys, boxes, and pallets. Customization of the flap part is also possible.

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Position accuracy ±1cm
Speed 2km/h, 4km/h (option)
Operating temperature 0 ~ 40°C operation
Battery LiFePO4, 24 V, 50 Ah
charging time automatic charging
Charge up to 80% in 30 minutes (when using 200V)
Charge up to 80% in 10 minutes (when using 400V)
option Battery capacity UP
Additional LiDER
blue light
Charges to 80% capacity in 10 minutes (when using 3 layers 400v)
safety Conforms to international safety standard ISO 3691-4 (JIS D 6802:2022)

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