What is PLiBOT?

PLiBOT and Obayashi Corporation


PLiBOT Co., Ltd. was born by inheriting the DNA of Obayashi Corporation

Until the integrated control platform PLiBOT is completed

Obayashi Corporation’s Efforts to Automate Construction Sites

Obayashi Corporation has made many efforts to automate construction sites.


From the market AMR (automated transport robot), we selected a robot suitable for transporting materials at construction sites and started a verification test of a navigation system that can be used.
While working on this, I noticed that there were fewer robots that could be used at construction sites compared to the manufacturing and logistics industries due to the daily changes in the surrounding environment.


Developed a logistics system that enables autonomous material transportation regardless of the number of floors by controlling AGVs (Automatic Guided Vehicles) and construction elevators in cooperation with construction site material transportation.

Based on the schedule entered in advance, everything from loading the elevator to transporting the AGV is fully automated. In addition, in cooperation with cameras installed at the construction site, it automatically checks whether there are any problems with the position and placement of packages. AI can instantly detect human intrusion into the work area and stop the operation of the AGV if it determines that it is dangerous.

Before introducing the developed system to the actual site, we permanently installed it at the East Japan Robotics Center and conducted a verification test so that we could test the linkage between the AMR and the elevator. We also introduced it at Obayashi’s construction site, and conducted verification tests such as lifting materials at night.

Overall picture of the systemOverall picture of the system


PLiBOT was established as a logistics automation platform and registered as a trademark. PLiBOT was developed in collaboration with BlueBotics (Switzerland) on the navigation system, which is the brain of AMR, with the aim of expanding its application beyond construction sites, so that it can be controlled in coordination with building equipment.

Obayashi’s “Business Innovation Promotion Office” selects the latest technologies that will contribute to the commercialization of new business areas, and plans and verifies business models. They will start working to realize diversification of revenue sources that are not bound by the framework of the construction industry. Therefore, companies that sell AGVs, AMRs, and automated warehouses exist individually, but focusing on the fact that there is no company that sells platforms and AMRs, we will consider establishing PLiBOT.


In September 2022, PLiBOT Inc. was carved out from Obayashi Corporation.
It was established to provide autonomy and labor-saving solutions centered on a wide variety of state-of-the-art autonomous mobile robots (AMR) and an integrated control platform that works in cooperation with existing equipment.

Obayashi Corporation aims to “expand its business portfolio for sustainable growth”, and PLiBOT Co., Ltd. is the first company to be carved out from the Business Innovation Promotion Office as a new business area.