CAPRA HIRCUSOutdoor/indoor transportation multi-purpose robot


Leave it to CAPRA HIRCUS for outdoor and indoor transportation!
It can be used for various purposes by exchanging attachments.

Sales are basically limited to Japan.

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CAPRA HIRCUS is based on a unique wheel frame developed and patented in-house. It also has a novel suspension system to help you climb curbs and difficult environments with ease. Perfect for outdoor use as it can run on all terrains and surfaces including uneven ground and sand.
It also serves as a mobile foundation for any tool or application imaginable. Easily integrate with any tool with a direct interface to the robot ROS2 operating system. Tools and applications can be mounted on top of the robot or as a trailer.


  • Towing vehicle: Used as a towing vehicle by connecting a trolley.
  • Cart transportation: Conveying heavy objects (up to 500 kg) in conjunction with the top module
  • Transportation of parcels: Transportation of boxes, etc. by attaching a tray to the upper part of the vehicle body


Body dimensions (L x W x H) 1,106 x 600 x 373mm
Vehicle weight 50kg (with 2 batteries installed)
Operating temperature -20°C ~ +50°C *1
IP rating IP65
Where to use Indoor/Outdoor
Maximum speed 6km/h
Maximum tilt angle 30%
Turning radius 464mm
Motors 250W hub motors for each of the 4 wheels
Maximum weight 50kg
External communication 4G router with dual-band Wi-Fi and dual SIM
Drive time 21 hours (when equipped with 6 batteries)
Drive distance 105km (with 6 batteries)*2
Charging time 1.5hours (with 2 batteries)*3

*1 An additional heating element is required below -10°C
*2 Depends on road surface and slope
*3 When using a wireless charger

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  • 4 wheel drive

    4 wheel drive

  • -20°C~50°C


  • Dust and splash proof IP65

    Dust and splash proof IP65

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Sales are basically limited to Japan.

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