Recruitment of eco-partners

Recruitment of eco-partners ~For AMR manufacturers looking for distributors in Japan~

We believe that by collaborating with a wide variety of domestic and overseas manufacturers, we will promote DX in logistics and construction sites, etc., and in the future, it will lead to the realization of the concept of “smart city” and “smart factory”. PLiBOT is characterized by providing customers with optimal AMRs from multiple models around the world.
We believe that it is possible to realize a society where humans and robots can work together by acting as a bridge and providing technology to our customers, as we are well versed in how robots work.
Our company, which was spun off from Obayashi Corporation, is good at collaborating with various building facilities that our parent company is involved in.
Utilizing the technology we have cultivated so far, we aim to expand the number of partner companies by connecting AMRs and building equipment of many manufacturers, not just Obayashi.

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