Cleanfix RA660 Navi XL ServerScrubber cleaning robot with automatic docking station


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Cleanfix RA660 Navi XL Server

Cleanfix RA660 Navi XL Server

The latest generation of industrial floor cleaning robots, RA660 Navi XL Server, which cleans 24 hours a day, seven days a week, is the ideal and advanced cleaning system for all applications where cleanliness and hygiene are paramount. Equipped with three cleaning brushes, a water suction device, it can autonomously and efficiently clean any surface, even in complex and crowded places.
With a redesigned user interface and remote application system, you have complete control over your cleaning operations. The automatic docking station is also ideal for automatically charging the RA660 Navi XL.


  • Efficient cleaning at 1500m2/h with advanced cleaning procedures
  • Advanced design with a unique shape that allows robot to enter a narrow area without missing the cleaning area
  • Convenience with simple setup and intuitive apps


Water tank capacity 110L
Weight (water included) 313kg
Height 1152mm
Dimensions 1012×828×1152mm
Operating width 660mm
Maximum battery operating time 5hours
Battery charging time 40 minutes (80%) / 60 minutes (100%)
Interface update External access
Communications LTE,WiFi,GPS
Water level display Yes
Web API Onboard
Autonomous docking station Options
Safety Complies with the international safety standard ISO 3691-4 (JIS D 6802:2022) specifications

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Sales are basically limited to Japan.

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