OrionStar Lucki PROMultifunctional delivery robot


Not just for the service industry!
New delivery solutions for manufacturing and logistics sites

Sales are basically limited to Japan.

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OrionStar Lucki PRO

OrionStar Lucki PRO

AI delivery robot Lucki PRO is an AMR that realizes automatic delivery within the customer's facility.
Equipped with 240° sensing and 3D high-precision obstacle avoidance function.
It can deliver parcels up to 60kg.


  • Modular quasi-circular chassis and torsion bar suspension for smooth running
  • Each tray can load up to 15kg.
    Adjustable up to 4 layers.
  • Equipped with AI voice interaction function.
    With 6 microphones, It can hear clearly even in noisy environments with 75db.


Body dimensions 525mm x 550mm x 1375mm
Body weight 47kg
Color White + Black
Body material High-strength PC + ABS (food grade plastic)
Screen size: 14.1 inches Image quality: 1080P
Number of trays 3 layers
Single layer weight 15Kg
Total load up to 60Kg
Running speed 0.5 to 1.2 m/s (adjustable)
Spec Qualcomm 8 core chip + industrial grade MCU
OS Android 9.0+Orion Star RobotOS
Navigation sensor LiDAR + RGBD camera + Wide-angle camera + IR camera + Odometer - + IMU
Microphone array 6 microphones, 360° sound source positioning, 5m sound range
Operating time 14 to 16 hours (depending on your environment and conditions)
Accuracy centimeter class
Communication method 4G (TDD-LTE, FDD-LTE compatible) WIFI (2.4G/5G compatible)
Charging method Cable (standard), charging pile (optional)
Charging time 4H (charging cable), 4.5H (charging pile)

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Sales are basically limited to Japan.

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