Multiway VNA track type MW-K15

Multiway VNA track type MW-K15

The claws face forward, left and right, making it ideal for moving pallets in limited spaces and loading onto racks. Can be lifted up to a maximum of 7,000mm.

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Pallet type Japan pallet, EURO pallet *
Navigation Laser SLAM
Communication Wi-Fi ● / 5G ○
Rated load 1,500 kg
Body size 3,450×1,550×4,250 mm
Turning radius 2,250 mm
Aisle width 1,700 mm
Maximum lifting height 7,000 mm
Vehicle weight 5,200 kg
Driving performance forward, backward, turning
Running speed 2.2 m/s
Positioning accuracy ±5 mm
Stop angle accuracy (°) ±1
Standard capacity (battery) 450Ah
Pallet position detection
Barcode/RFID reading

● Standard ○ Optional – None
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