Multiway side loader type MW-O20

Multiway side loader type MW-O20

With claws on the side of the body, it is ideal for conveying narrow passages and long objects.
It can carry loads up to 2,000kg.

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Pallet type Japan pallet, EURO pallet *
Navigation Laser SLAM
Communication Wi-Fi ● / 5G ○
Rated load 2,000 kg
Body size 2,280×2,000×2,300 mm
Turning radius 1,414 mm
Aisle width 2,400 mm
Maximum lifting height 4,500 mm
Vehicle weight 3,000 kg
Driving performance Forward, Backward, Turn, Axis Rotation, Lateral Movement, Drift
Running speed 1.38 m/s
Positioning accuracy ±5 mm
Stop angle accuracy (°) ±1
Standard capacity (battery) 200Ah
Pallet position detection
Barcode/RFID reading

● Standard ○ Optional – None
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